For appointments or information call: 07594 245794
FAQ #01

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer appointments after the usual 9-5pm?
Yes! I offer evening and weekend appointments subject to availability.

How long does a session last?
Each session is for 50 minutes, it's what we call a therapeutic hour.

How much will it cost me?
Each session costs 45. I believe counselling should be available to all so please discuss if necessary.

Do you use skype if I live too far away or if I am away on business for a week?
Yes, skype is a good option in some circumstances and I am very willing to use it.

Have you experience of working with an interpreter?
Yes, I have worked with individuals from the Czech Republic and from Poland when we had an interpreter in the room or on the phone.

Can you provide an interpreter?
I'm sorry but at this time I am not able to do this, however if you can bring your own interpreter I am experienced at working in this way.