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About Counselling #01

About Counselling

Counselling/ Psychotherapy is a process that is powerful and enlightening, leaving you more aware of yourself and better equipped to cope with life's issues.

Counselling/ Psychotherapy in an ideal world would be available to everyone, as we can all benefit from it. Whatever you are struggling with counselling will surely help.

When we find ourselves struggling with an inner conflict talking it through helps gain clarity. The benefit of counselling is doing this with someone who will not judge you or your thoughts or actions.

Often our behaviour is the result of past experiences that remain unresolved. We believe we cannot change the things we do, but through counselling change is possible.

My experience of mental health issues and addictions are that these are not the problem but the individual's solution to their problem. Psychotherapy can help get to the real issue and provide better understanding to the person. This can have a positive affect on all those connected to that individual as personal relationships improve and grow stronger.

I work integratively which means that I can tailor the theoretical method used to suit you and your issue. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is now well known as it is favoured by the government - this way of working is suitable for some people but not everyone!

Recommended Reading

If you are related to or are the partner of an addict I recommend you read 'Detach with Love' by Margaret Searle. In this book we are told the story of a young man's journey with an alcohol addiction and the impact it has on those who love him. The struggle to access services and to 'be heard'. A lesson can be learned by those in the same position as Margaret and her family but importantly also by those professionals who are working to help addicts.
Having worked in this field myself I understand the frustrations felt by family members when trying to get the right help for their loved one often procedures and funding are the main stumbling blocks made worse if the addiction is combined with a mental health issue.

A Self-help book I have read and would recommend is 'The five Things we cannot change and the Happiness we find by Embracing them' by David Richo. This book discusses the five unavoidable givens: 1 Everything changes and ends, 2 Things do not go according to plan, 3 Life is not fair, 4 Pain is part of life and 5 People are not loving and loyal all the time.The author discusses mindful techniques to help the reader be able to embrace and accept these givens allowing a more relaxed approach to situations.

Are you having Relationship difficulties? you may wish to consider reading 'Getting the Love You Want - a Guide for Couples' by Harville Hendrix. This book helps you to realize just what you need from a relationship and where those needs come from. It's hard for some to believe but we all enter relationships with an agenda of needs we want met. The book includes some exercises you can do together as a couple however I would advise seeking the assistance of a Counsellor/ Psychotherapist to ensure both sides can be actively heard.