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Counselling and Psychotherapy in Belfast

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I offer counselling / Psychotherapy in the Central Belfast area read on to find out more!

Well has the countdown to Christmas started for you yet? Are you dreading it? People dread the Christmas period for various reasons if this is you perhaps this year could be different! Counselling can help. Call or email to discuss how I as your counsellor can help you have a different experience this year.

There is a lot of pressure on our young people in today's world. I've recently seen the devastating impact it can have when all becomes too much. Yes, I'm talking about suicide. The media has highlighted it, the local charities offer support and still it happens. Please do not feel you're alone - use the support available, there is always another way. Counselling will help you realise what's best for you.
Are you a relative grieving the loss of someone special ? Do you need someone to listen to you and how that feels for you? Counselling offers you a safe place with no judgements where you will be listened to.

Do You feel your life is an upward struggle that you haven't the energy for? Everything seems to be getting out of your grasp? Take a breath, what do you need? It is good to listen to yourself and realise what you need. Is what you need a safe place to be heard, to be able to voice your darkest fears? To sort out what is going on for you? What you need is counselling - a safe confidential space where you are heard and can work out what is preventing you from achieving those things you want to achieve. Call or email to discuss how I as your counsellor can help.

Are you struggling with an addiction? Seek help. Call or email me. I can support you. Counselling is proven to be effective in helping those people struggling with an addiction. I have years of experience working as a counsellor supporting individuals struggling with addiction. You do not have to face it alone call or email to discuss how I as your counsellor can help.

Can you manage your thoughts and feelings or do you feel they are out of your control? Does it feel like they are swirling round your head on a spin cycle? As your Counsellor/ psychotherapsit I can help get things back in control. Often individuals are surprised at the impact talking about things can have, so I ask that you do not under-estimate the power of the counselling process.

If you are struggling with Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Addiction or any other issue don't forget you can get support. Counselling is proven to be effective in dealing with life issues.

The pressures of debt can cause you to feel that life is too hard, unmanageable and leave you depressed. Counselling can give you a safe environment to talk through those fears and anxieties and help gain clarity to help you move forward.

I am Deirdre Frondigoun a practising counsellor/ psychotherapist based in central Belfast with easy parking. I have appointments available so don't put it off, call or email me. Take care of yourself, when you are well mentally you feel better physically and all those around you feel good too - the ripple affect.

I am committed to providing a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment for you. You CAN achieve the most from your life! - email me or call to discuss how I can support you.

I work with individuals with the aim of enabling you to work through those issues that prevent you from getting on with your life in the way you want to. This can be on an open ended or time limited basis, which ever is suitable for you.

As Your Counsellor/psychotherapist I can support you to overcome whatever your issues are, My specialism is addiction and understand that this behaviour can be a solution to an underlying issue.

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I am based near Belfast city centre in a very central location with easy access by foot, car or bus. Contact me and I can ensure you are able to find me and arrange an initial assessment to work out the best way forward for you.

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I am an experienced Counsellor supporting clients, like yourself, who have experienced difficulties in life and who wish to take steps to increase their self-awareness and understanding of their issues. Those issues may range from Stress, Addiction, Trauma, Abuse, Depression, Anxiety or Relationship problems.

Have your friends/family commented on you drinking too much?
Do you need support to understand why and to reduce your drinking?

Email or call me to discuss how I can help you as your counsellor to make the changes you want to make.

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Is your Anxiety preventing you from going out with friends?
Do you find yourself making excuses to avoid certain situations that make you feel so uncomfortable you think you're going to die?
Email me or call to discuss how as your Counsellor I can support you to overcome this.
Did you know that Anxiety is a Flight or Fight response?

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I am a member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy).

Registered with Counselling Directory

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